1953 Vertex was founded in 1953 as a workshop to produce spare parts for agricultural engines and pumps. The Vertex name was chosen by a priest who gave his blessing to the first facility. Vertex is a Latin word that means, 'Top' or 'Summit'. In the beginning, Vertex was a small company with eight workers. The lead engineer was the headmaster of IPSIA, a secondary technical school in Reggio Emilia.
1963 In 1963 there were two production lines for two stroke pistons and the first engineering office was established to produce the technical drawings.
1972 In 1972 Vertex purchased technical information for piston production from a famous Germany piston company. This permitted Vertex to upgrade their internal standards in materials, heat treatments, and piston profiles.
1980 Another milestone of our history occurred during 1980, when Vertex was purchased by the famous Reggio Emilia Group. The new group partnership immediately gave Vertex additional financial capability to sustain its development. The Reggio Emilia Group also introduced Vertex into the gardening market.
1982 In 1982 after a complete management reorganization, piston production mainly concentrated on the supply of OE gardening machines and mopeds.
1984 Between 1984 and 1986 the building size doubled. In the two years following, Vertex's production capability increased. This additional production capability was achieved by purchasing new CNC equipment.
  In following years, Vertex has become the leading piston supplier for all European go-kart, scooter, and motorcycle companies. Within that short period of time, Vertex considerably increased its market share.
1992 In 1992, Vertex started heavily focusing on the production of aftermarket pistons.
Also during 1992, in collaboration with many famous European motocross teams, Vertex technicians started to release new pistons manufactured with exotic materials and engineered with hi-tech profiles. Success within the racing community came immediately.
1993 In 1993 a Yamaha official factory bike with a Vertex piston won the 125cc Motocross World Championship title. Engineering collaboration with Official Top Teams resulted in a long series of World Championship titles.
1995 During 1995 Vertex started its relationship with KTM, supplying them with the 125cc and 250cc two stroke pistons for the official Motocross and Enduro teams. Success came immediately with several 125cc and 250cc World Championship titles. Soon following, Vertex became the OE supplier to KTM.
1997 In 1997 Vertex received the DNV ISO 9001 certificate. This certification demonstrated Vertex's high technical and quality piston production capabilities. In 2003, the internal quality standards have been upgraded to ISO 9001/2000 certifications.
  Also in 1997, Vertex started its American adventure in collaboration with the Kawasaki and Pro Circuit race teams. This was another occasion where Italian technology combined with US motocross teams, resulted in the 1997-2004 two-stroke 125cc and 250cc AMA Motocross Championship titles.
2000 On September 1st 2000, Vertex Pistons was purchased by a US corporation and merged its Italian division.
  During the time spent with the US corporation, Vertex's staff increased their personal knowledge in international markets. They have also developed their skills to maintain good business relationships with people that have different culture, education, and strategic views.
2005 In 2005 and 2006, racing success continued with the AMA Championship title in a 250cc four-stroke.
2008 After almost eight years with the US group, on July 14th 2008 VP ITALY s.r.l., located in Reggio Emilia, purchased Vertex Pistons. VP Italy s.r.l. has the strongest intention to take the company to the next level.
  VP ITALY s.r.l. staff, has demonstrated their strong commitment to focus on customers, providing exceptional support to overcome the many challenges that the today's market faces.
  Today with skilled employees and modern equipment, Vertex Pistons, Inc. is a world leading company for cast and forged piston production. Vertex Pistons, Inc. also supplies pistons to the most significant European OE Powersports companies. Additionally, pistons are shipped through a global distribution network, satisfying the needs of motorcycle enthusiasts and professional racers all over the world.