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Cylinder Works

As an alternative to costly OEM cylinders or the time consuming process of re-plating existing cylinders, Cylinder Works offers enthusiasts access to a complete line of OEM quality dirt bike and ATV replacement cylinder kits.
In addition to standard bore, stock compression replacement cylinder kits, Cylinder Works also turns up the horsepower with a full line of high-compression and big bore cylinder kits that look just like stock, but they’re not. Each kit comes complete with the piston, rings and gaskets to get back on the trail or track quickly.

Cylinder Works OEM Replacement Cylinder Kits
(standard bore/stock compression)

Replating or repairing an OEM cylinder takes time. And replacing an OEM cylinder with another OEM cylinder takes money — plenty of it. But Cylinder Works has a better answer: Get new now, get Cylinder Works! Gone is the wait associated with replating and repairing, and so is the price tag — all without sacrifi cing quality.

Each Cylinder Works replacement cylinder kit is:
• Stock in appearance
• Precision honed
• Nickel silicon carbide plated
• OEM quality without the OEM price
                                                                                                          • Pistons are hand matched for precision fi tment


Cylinder Works High-Compression Kits
(standard bore/high-compression)

As we all know, higher compression equals more horsepower and that’s exactly what Cylinder Works high compression cylinder kits provide. Just like our OEM replacement cylinders, our high-compression cylinder kits look like stock, but they’re not.

In addition to their stock appearance, Cylinder Works high-compression cylinder kits also feature precision honing, nickel silicon carbide plating and a price that’s hard to beat.



Cylinder Works Big Bore Kit
With the exception of a mechanic, the Cylinder Works big bore kits provide everything you need to transform a bike or ATV from modest to monster in one box. In addition to the stock appearing, nickel silicon carbide plated,precison honed, big bore cylinder, each kit contains:

• All needed gaskets and seals to complete the installation
• A Vertex big bore piston, complete with piston rings, wrist pin and circlips.


Why we use nickel silicon carbide plating

Nickel silicon carbide plating is used on the cylinder bore of every cylinder, standard and big bore, in the Cylinder Works line up.
The reasons for using nickel silicon carbide, as opposed to cast iron or chrome plating, are simple. Nickel silicon carbide allows for tighter tolerances between the piston and cylinder in larger
bores, provides a low friction surface, is extremely durable and allows for greater heat dissipation to the water jacket. All and all, the end result is a cylinder that not only yields higher performance, but will provide enthusiasts with a durable and reliable upgrade to their bike or ATV.