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2020-03-18 VP ITALY - VERTEX PISTONS Northern Italy plant to remain open

VP ITALY - VERTEX PISTONS Northern Italy plant to remain open

March 18, 2020

Reggio Emilia, Italy-based VP ITALY with its famous brand Vertex Pistons announced that it has decided, in agreement with workers’ representatives and in full compliance with the urgent provisions contained in the Prime Minister’s 11/03 decree and with the guidelines issued by Confindustria Emilia Romagna, to keep its Cadelbosco Sopra plant in northern Italy open. This in order to guarantee production continuity, yet with reduced personnel.

Measures to reduce the presence of staff within the premises have immediately been adopted, such as the closure of non-essential departments, “smart working,” and unused holiday allowances, no CIG (Cassa Integrazione) applied at the moment.
For those employees who will continue coming to work, the company has introduced a number of measures to prevent and contain the spreading of the Covid-19 epidemic, such as the supply of face masks, gloves, sanitizing gel and detergents for the sanitation of work spaces and surfaces in addition to limiting access to common areas.
Precise rules of conduct, by which every employee is required to abide, have been posted in every department. Safety distances between workers are being respected in all areas of the plant, also thanks to the temporary reduction of the number of personnel on site.
Up to the present moment, the company has no evidence of employees with symptoms connected to Covid-19. Normal production activity will therefore continue, yet with all due precautions, except for new Government provisions.
Loris Iotti company’s CEO commented: “We believe it is our duty not to give up in this crisis situation, so that the economy of this community can recover once the emergency is over. We took this decision with a great sense of responsibility, towards our employees in the first place, but also towards our local community, which cannot afford a breakdown of its production capability, and towards all the related industries on which so many workers and their families depend. The company has implemented all the information, prevention and containment measures required by the circumstances. We are determined to continue doing our best to support this community, fully respecting the rules and with maximum safety.”

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