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News Tech - Complete Engine Rebuild Kit - Wrench Rabbit 2024 UpDate


2 Stokes Kit


4 Strokes Kit

Complete Engine Rebuild Kits


In DifferentPistons size

The only complete engine rebuild kit available
Includes: Hot Rods heavy duty crankshaft, Hot Rods counter balancer bearing kit where applicable,Hot Rods main bearing and seal kit, Hot Rods transmission bearing kit, Hot Rods water pump rebuild kit, Vertex replica piston kit, Vertex complete gasket and oil seal kit, Hot Rods wrist pin bearing, or a Hot Cams cam chain where applicable:

  • Average savings of 350 € vs buying OEM parts

  • Average savings of 7-15% vs buying same components seperately

  • Huge time savings on researching necessary parts

    • Oversized pistons available on some models